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Board and Care San Diego CA

With age, self-care can become more challenging. An elderly family may require assistance with bathing, dressing, cooking, or other daily living activities. A board and care facility provides a cozy, home-like environment with trained staff who can assist with everything from grooming to feeding to ensure that your loved one is receiving the care they need to live happily and healthily. Finding the right board and care facility for an aging family member can be difficult. That is why Senior Assisted Living Placement San Diego offers hands-on assistance with finding a suitable facility for your loved one based on their needs and lifestyle.

Why Choose a Board and Care Facility

There are many different types of senior living communities offering varying levels of care for clients. It is important to assess the mental, physical, and medical needs of your loved one to ensure you place them in a home that can provide them with what they need. A board and care facility is typically smaller with a limited number of residents. This can offer a much cozier environment with more personal attention from staff for your loved one. These facilities strive to help your loved one maintain as much independence as possible, while delivering the care they need. This includes providing meals, housekeeping, help with grooming and hygiene, monitoring medication intake, and other basic self-care.

Things to Consider

Before you begin your search for a board and care home, you should consider cost, location, and both the current and future needs of your loved one. The monthly rent for a board and care is generally higher, due to the smaller number of residents and the staff-to-resident ratio. However, board and care facilities generally do not have trained medical staff on premise 24/7. If your loved one suffers from a serious medical condition that requires around-the-clock medical care or has rapidly declining health, a nursing home may be a better option. If you would like to be able to visit your loved one regularly, choosing a facility that is located closer to your home will make it much easier to see them.

How We Help

Our agency will work with you to research, vet, and narrow down your options, as well as negotiate costs, to save you time, money, and stress. It is not easy finding a suitable senior living facility for your loved one. We understand how important it is to ensure that they are placed within a community that is not only a good fit for them, but able to provide them with the best care possible. We have a large network of trusted senior assisted living facilities throughout San Diego, CA that we work with, and we are confident that we can refer you to the right facility for your loved one, no matter the level of care they require.

Find the Best Retirement Community in San Diego CA

Senior Assisted Living Placement San Diego is a reputable and reliable provider of referral services for families looking to place an elderly loved one into a senior care home. We thoroughly research and screen each senior assisted living facility in order to find the best fit for your loved one based on their needs. Get in touch with us for a referral, and we will happy to get the process underway for you.

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